White Label

The majority of the flavours we’ve ever produced are listed in our White Label catalogue. That means that if you like one of our products, you can produce your own version of it, with minimal effort. Great news considering all our products are fantastic.

Our White Label catalogue grows every time we release a new brand or add to an existing one…which usually at least once a month. Grow your brands alongside our own and work with your dedicated account manager on all your projects.

Read on to discover how the process works and why brands are important in the vaping industry.

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Every Cloud, Every Day

All of the products in our Every Cloud, Every Day range have been registered with the TPD, which means that they can be produced with Freebase nicotine present, in either 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg. Also available in 0mg.

To produce the same flavours, with nicotine but with your branding is pretty simple and does not require a new TPD registration, as long as the recipes remain the same. There is just a nominal notification fee.

Over 40% of our retail sales are 10ml bottles of Freebase Nicotine products, so it’s essential for any retailer or manufacturer to have a strong brand. We plan to grow this range to over 100 flavours in 2021 and we will be adding nicotine salts and Shortfill options by the Spring.

So Lushie

So Lushie is one of our core brands and it consists of 10 (soon to be more) slush-based flavours. Every decent vape shop has a decent slush range as they appeal to all types of vapers.

If you’re planning to release your first Shortfill brand, we’d definitely recommend looking at the options from this section of our catalogue.

The flavours are outstanding and we plan to grow the range steadily throughout 2021. We can also produce these products in 50ml and 100ml Shortfills, with Nicotine Salts scheduled for later this year.‚Äč

solushie 50ml
All 50ml

Home Made Desserts

Home Made Desserts feature 5 flavours which you might consider a bit more niche than some of our other options. Desserts are less popular than fruits but you tend to find that dessert vapers are more loyal to their favourite flavours.

Produce your own branded version of these flavours and you’re bound to gain customers for life. An example of this is Lemon Tart by Vape Dinner Lady – A flavour so popular that every manufacturer, including us has attempted to recreate it at one point or another.

These flavours are available in 50ml and 100ml Shortfills and Nic Salts are planed for later this year.