Nic Shots

Nic Shots are an essential product in today’s vaping market. It is illegal for anyone in the UK to sell nicotine-containing e-liquids in bigger volumes than 10ml, which is why Shortfills have come to exist over the past couple of years.

Shortfills are intentionally underfilled, leaving space for at least one Nic shot, which when added nearly always transforms the product from nicotine-free to 3mg.

3mg is an ideal strength for the average Sub-Ohm vaper, but if you want a bit more nicotine, simply buy an additional one and add some more. You should comfortably get at least one and a half Nic shots in your 50ml Shortfill and if you still want more, just waste a little bit of the original bottle.

For 100ml Shortfills, just double your amount of nicotine and remember, all our Shortfill products include enough Nic Shots to get your e-liquid to a 3mg, absolutely FREE.

Nic Shots

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