Original Equipment Manufacture

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture means exactly that…we make your products for you, from scratch. Take advantage of our excellent facilities, comprehensive knowledge and lengthy experience.

Our team loves to invest in new projects and we can help with every aspect of the production process.​​

Flavour development

Unsure of which flavours you want? We’ll work with you to create unique recipes that we’re sure your customers will love.

Use our retail experience to gauge which types of flavours vapers want and use our manufacturing experience to perfect each and every blend.

Brand design

Our in-house team of designers are willing and able to work with you from ideas and concept, all the way along the process to finished labels, flavour cards, posters and other promotional material.

Whether you want to support your products with decent imagery, scene-setting or a full on storyboard, our designers will help transform your ideas into a reality…and if you don’t yet have the ideas, they’ll help with that too.

Brand Support

We offer more to our clients than any other manufacturer in the industry. From social media planning and e-marketing to online and in-store listings, with Every Cloud labs, you enter a partnership…you’re not just another client! Click here to read more about what kind of level of brand support we can offer.