Brand Support

What we can do for your brand


Our team of designers can work entirely to your specification, the whole way through the process.

Whether you just want consultation, proofing or amendments, or whether you want us to do everything from scratch, our design team are on hand 7 days a week to make sure your project is completed quickly and professionally.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing​

We have in-house marketers who specialise in web-development, SEO, social media, e-marketing and content writing.

Use our team as little or as much as you see necessary to give your brand(s) the push they deserve.

Physical Marketing (POS)

POS (or point of sale) is essential in making any brand stand out amongst the competition. Getting your brand into a store is the easy part, turning visibility into sales is where it gets really difficult.

Our team can work with you to create all kinds of material, including but not limited to clothing, leaflets, flavour cards, posters, pamphlets, stickers, merchandise and more.

offline marketing


We operate over 20 Vape shops across the South Coast, as well as a series of thriving e-commerce websites. We also have connections with other retailers that you can tap into to get that visibility your brand will need if it’s going to succeed.

Our manufacturing package can include a great deal of exposure which really will help you to hit the ground running with your new brand.


Most contract manufacturers will do absolutely nothing to help you get your brand out there. Well, we’re a bit different from the rest. Exploit our connections as a Distributor and become visible to tens of thousand of vape shop owners across the World.

We even offer packages that will mean your brand gets listed on our Distribution platform. That’s right…we can sell your product for you!​